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The Making of A Man
There are two types of men in the world. There are those who merely exist, for whom every day is lived on autopilot, going where the road takes them and the wind blows, without any direction or goal. And then there are those who have a dream, and also see the path that will lead them there. 
They are driven by core values of passion, dedication, and ambition, which push them to keep on going, to fight another round, to run another mile, to leap another hurdle, in the pursuit of their goal. And thus the best are distinguished from the rest, and the winners from the never-weres and never-will-bes. 
In these pages, we bring together 21 of these Men of Distinction. From global icons to regional rising stars, they reveal to PASSIONS what makes them tick, their ambitions and visions – in a nutshell, the roots of their success.
More than that, they show us a glimpse of the man behind the position, as they divulge what ignites their desires and what stirs their passion so strongly. After all, at the end of the day, it is these “little pleasures of life” that make the struggle all the more worthwhile, that transform a mere occupation into a vocation.
So join us as corporate high flyers tell what motivates them to constantly strive to be at the top of their game, and debonair diplomats showcase the indulgences that inspire them to be passionate envoys of their homeland and advocates of international cooperation.
And not forgetting the national exclusives with some of the biggest names and larger than life characters in business, lifestyle and entertainment, brought specially to you by PASSIONS. We take you into the lives and triumphs of Donald Trump – The Modern Day Real Estate Mogul, Karl Lagerfeld – the Godfather of Style and Fashion, Sir Mick Jagger – the Ageless Icon of Rock and the Rolling Stones, Pelé – the Maestro of the Beautiful Game, Brad Pitt – Hollywood Hotshot and Humanitarian, and Robert De Niro – The Master of the Method Turned Restaurateur.
All these and more in this issue of PASSIONS. This is a celebration of the best, a toast to the extraordinary, a tribute to the accomplished. 
Its all here, only in  PASSIONS 


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