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SPECIESISM – The New Racism

What makes us human? What makes us different or special from the rest of the species with which we share Earth?
Intelligent life? Maybe. But EVERY life form is intelligent in its own way. They communicate, they live, they survive harsh environments and learn how to thrive. The survival of any species is the essence of intelligent direction.
So we believe that what makes us special is our ability to think, beyond the mere elements of survival. We think, so we become. We build, we innovate, we create concepts, art, music, books, and develop communication technology that connects us, making us closer to every part of the world.
But with the amazing advancement of the human race, we have also become the virus of the Earth. We destroy more than we create, we kill for power and not for mere survival, and we cause just as many wars and instances of mass destruction as we create elements of peace. 
If we are to become ‘the chosen one’, then we need to grow out of our greed, dispose of our self-absorbed rituals of self-preservation with no regard for consequences, and begin thinking of those we share the world with. If we are to inherit the Earth, then it is a given that we protect the meek.
So in this issue of PASSIONS, we bow to the beauty and the splendour of our fellow planet-dwellers by taking you for a walk on the wild side, starting on page 84. We exhort our readers to love thy neighbour, whichever form or function they were born with, in page 112.
And as a reminder of the goodness that can be achieved in this world, we introduce you to Irena Sendler on page 108, a lady who saved thousands of  her own species, who would have been killed because they were ’different’ during the Nazi occupation of World War 2. 
As Irena herself said, people can only be divided into good or bad; their race, religion  and nationality do not matter.AWe agree with her wholeheartedly, and go one step further: Animals feel as much as we do. They have a right to their life, their family and their future. So why on earth do we think we own them all, to do as we please with them, with no thought to their hurt and suffering?
The PASSIONS Editorial Team
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